Radio panelist fights Bisa Kdei live on radio for being arrogant

A radio panellist at Happy 98.9 FM has thrown shots at Hilife artist Bisa KDei over comments he made on Twitter concerning his relevancy as a Highlife artist and how his career is dipping and appears to be struggling to get even a single hit song for a while now infuriating the singer to unleash his anger on Twitter.

According to the “Mansa” hitmaker, when he chooses to be outspoken, the media calls him arrogant and when he chooses to be quiet, they call him timid.

He added that even his words during an interview are always twisted and they don’t appreciate his effort.

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In an angry tweet, Bisa Kdei wrote:

“When you talk your mind they’ll say u r arrogant. Be cool they’ll say u r too timid. U do interview you’ll have a twisted story to tarnish your image just because some ppl want traffic. Win int. award seff they’ll say you didn’t rep your country well. Fvcked up industry”.

In a live radio interview, the panellist was of the view that Bisa was arrogant for such tweet and could have managed his anger no matter how hurting the statement was.

He was also of the view that Bisa using the “f*ck word” in his tweet was uncalled for.

According to Bisa Kdei, his words were twisted to suit what the writer of the story intended and he meant what he said.

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