No lady is cheap and no guy is a f00l – lady gives relationship advice

It is Valentine’s Day, and during this season, there is usually lots of love to go round. In the midst of the celebration that comes with every February 14, a lady has taken to doling out an advice to couples on this day. Her message has been tagged as both motivational and endearing.

The young lady identified as Pretty Precious Peace on Facebook to her page to share her two cents opinion of how men and women in relationships should treat one another.

According to her, couples should not see their partners as fools who do not know what they are doing. Rather, they should acknowledge the fact that being with one another was a privilege that should not be taken for granted.

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Pretty Precious gave examples in this regard. She said men who thought ladies were fools for making out with them should consider the fact that these same women rejected some other men in the past.

Even more, ladies who assumed that guys who spent on them excessively were being ‘mugus’ should realise that these men only spent on the women that they actually loved. Hence, everything that is done for love is done by choice.

For this reason, Pretty Precious expressed the opinion that people in relationships should not take themselves for granted. See her post below:

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“No lady is Cheap and no guy is a Fool. The lady you’ve been chasing for over 12months was in bed with a guy just 3 days after they met. The lady you had in your bed in less than a week is been chased by another guy for over 18months. If she sees the quality in you and falls for you, never stand anywhere and say she’s Cheap.

“And to the ladies, the guy who just bought an iPhone and never bought even a wristband for his ex, if you’re lucky he’s so much in love with you. Don’t think he’s a fool and never take him for granted. Don’t see any guy to be a fool or Mugu. Someone being nice to you doesn’t mean the person is a fool. Please friends we should all learn to appreciate people and their choices.”

A number of reactions followed this post. Some people could not agree more with Pretty Precious on this. They took to giving comments about their agreement on this issue.

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