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Melanie Griffith Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Children, Net Worth

Melanie Griffith is an American actress. She began her career in the 1970s, appearing in several independent thriller films before achieving mainstream success in the mid-1980s.

melanie griffith
Melanie Griffith, then and now

Early Life

Melanie Richards Griffith was born on August 9th of 1957 in Manhattan, New York. Born into a family with connections in the entertainment industry, there was always a strong chance that Melanie would pursue a career as an actress.


Although she performed as an extra during her childhood, Griffith’s first proper film role came during her teen years with an appearance in “The Harrad Experiment.

Melanie Griffith Movies

At the age of 17, she booked a more prominent role in the film “Night Moves.” The role required her to appear nude in a number of scenes. She then followed up with roles in movies like “Smile,” “The Drowning Pool,” “One on One,” “The Garden,” and “Joyride.”

Although these roles helped advance Griffith’s career during the 70s, her real breakthrough came during the 80s. After a role in the film “Roar” and a brief hiatus due to substance abuse issues, Melanie caused considerable buzz with a role in 1984’s “Body Double,” in which she played a pornographic actress.

During the rest of the 80s, she appeared in films like “Fear City,” “Something Wild,” and “Cherry 2000.” She ended the decade with a notable role in “Working Girl.” Her role as a secretary propelled towards mainstream success, and she won a Golden Globe for her performance.

Melanie Griffith Age: How Old Is Melanie Griffith?

Melanie Griffith was born on August 9th of 1957, and is currently 65 years old.

Melanie Griffith Parents:

Her mother is Tippi Hedren, a former fashion model and actress, while her father was the late Peter Griffith, a former child actor and advertising executive.

Melanie Griffith Husband: Who Is Melanie Griffith Married To.

Griffith is an American actress who married three people in her life.

She married Don Johnson in 1976 and lived only for six months. Don Johnson is an American actor, Producer and Singer. Again in 1989, This couple restarted their marital life but separated after seven years in 1996.

Melanie Griffith secondly married Steven Bauer in 1981. Steven is an American Actor who is a Cuban native. This relationship lasted for eight years and disappeared in 1989.

Melanie Griffith thirdly married Antonio Banderas in 1996. Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor and singer. This couple successfully stayed married for almost two decades but sadly it ended on the court bench in 2015.

Melanie Griffith Children:

Melanie has married three people and has children with each one. The below tabular column will show the details of the children:- Children Father Birth Year
1 Dakota Johnson Don Johnson 1989
2 Alexander Bauer Steven Bauer 1985
3 Stella Banderas Antonio Banderas 1996


Melanie Griffith Net worth: How much is Melanie Griffith worth?

Melanie Griffith has a networth of $ 40 million

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