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Medikal reveal how Fella Makafui underwent tummy tuck surgery to promote her slim tea

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has accused his ex-wife, Fella Makafui of getting tummy tuck surgery to promote her slim tea business.

He clarified that her flat tummy is not the result of the product (slim tea) she endorses but is due to a surgical procedure.

According to Medikal, despite his initial disapproval of the idea, he eventually acquiesced and funded her surgeries in Nigeria and Turkey to ensure her satisfaction, spending upwards of €25,000 on the procedures and associated expenses.

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Medikal reveal how Fella Makafui underwent tummy tuck surgery
Medikal and Fella Makafui

“After she gave birth, she expressed concerns about slowing business promotion due to post-pregnancy weight gain. I suggested utilizing ambassadors or influencers for the slim tea, but she insisted on personally endorsing the products. Our disagreement led to a three to four-month estrangement,” Medikal recounted.

To prioritize Fella’s happiness, Medikal admitted to financing her surgeries overseas, covering all expenses including accommodations, totaling over €25,000 or more.

Despite expressing reservations about the surgery out of concern for Fella’s well-being and his contentment with her appearance, Medikal revealed that she proceeded with the procedure against his advice.

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He questioned the necessity of risking her health and safety, especially considering her roles as a wife and mother. Despite his objections, Fella pursued the surgery, which Medikal found unnecessary.

Medikal also disclosed substantial financial investments, including over $300,000, into Fella’s import and flat tummy businesses.

Medikal has been vocal on social media recently, especially after an incident where he claimed that his estranged wife, with whom he shares a residence, summoned the police to their home.

He attributes this to his request for Fella Makafui to ask her cousin, who had been residing with them for two years, to leave their house.


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