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Justin Dale Sigmon video with 9-year-old girl sparks outrage on social media [Watch]

Justin Dale Sigmon video —

Franklin County Major Justin Dale Sigmon has been charged with s℮xʋally abusing a minor, a 9-year-old girl, on a cruise ship a couple of weeks ago.

A video Justin Dale Sigmon toʋching the little girl abusively surfaced on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

The shocking incident happened when Justin Sigmon was on a Carnival Cruise ship alongside his family. His inappropriate acts were caught by the onlookers and were also recorded in the ship’s security CCTV cameras.

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Justin Dale Sigmon video
Justin Sigmon video

Justin Dale Sigmon, 47, s℮xʋally Abused His 9-Year-Old Niece

An employee of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia, Justin Dale Sigmon, 47, has been charged with abusive s℮xʋal contact after an incident with his 9-year-old niece on a cruise ship. The incident took place on May 26, 2023, on a carnival cruise.

Justin Sigmon was traveling with his family on the ship that departed from the Port of Miami on May 25, 2023. A witness revealed that they saw Sigmon touching the little girl’s inner and upper thighs and making her sit on his lap for around 10 minutes.

The witness also alleged that his hands were moving toward her ‘private area.’ The concerned witness also recorded the incident and it was also captured by the security cameras. According to the reports, the girl attempted to push Sigmon’s hands away multiple times.

She even crossed her legs to prevent unwanted touching. However, he didn’t stop. Eventually, when the girl jumped off his lap and sat in her own chair, he covered his crotch area to hide it from public review.

What did the Girl say about the Incident with Justin Sigmon?

When a forensic interviewer spoke with the little girl and asked about the incident, she stated that Justin Sigmon only touched her legs and not in any private areas. She also revealed that she was not touched below her clothes.

However, the investigators claim that the video evidence against Justin Sigmon disproves the girl’s statements. Law enforcement also had an interview with Sigmon where he explained that he understood why his actions were viewed as inappropriate.


He claimed that it was not to be “s℮xʋal;” but agreed that if someone touched her daughter in that manner, he’d be angry too. He also denied being aroused and claimed that he covered his crotch after the incident as he was cold.

The FBI special agent charged Justin Sigmon with abusive s℮xʋal contact with a minor under 12. He was reportedly charged when the cruise ship arrived in Florida on Monday.

Justin Dale Sigmon Cruise Video: How to Watch?

A video of the shocking act of Justin Dale Sigmon where he touches his 9-year-old niece inappropriately on a cruise ship leaked online and it’s heavily circulating on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

Justin Dale Sigmon Cruise Video
Justin Dale Sigmon Cruise Video

If you’re looking to watch the video, I’d strongly recommend that you should not do that and stop searching for it right away. This is because the video features an old man touching a minor girl inappropriately and people watching it would be classified as “pedophiles.”

Social media platforms have taken down the video due to the same reason. They are also blocking the accounts that posted the video initially. FBI keeps a strict check on the internet on people searching for such stuff, so you should not do it as it’s not morally right and illegal.

Who is Justin Dale Sigmon?

Justin Dale Sigmon is an employee of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia. The 47-year-old man has been accused of pedophilia after a person shared his video of touching his 9-year-old niece inappropriately online.

Justin Sigmon was arrested in Florida by the FBI and has been charged with abusive sexual contact with a minor under 12. An investigation is going on and the hearings should start soon. He has also resigned from his position in Sheriff’s Office and his resignation is accepted.

Netizens Call for a Strict Punishment for Justin Sigmon

FBI arrested Justin Sigmon after the shocking incident and he had also resigned from his position. He has been taken into custody without bail. The defense lawyer has been assigned and hearings should be decided soon

Meanwhile, Netizens are accusing the Ex-Virginia Major of pedophilia. Mass outrage has emerged online where people are calling for strict punishment for Justin Dale Sigmon as he molested a little girl and touched her inappropriately on a carnival cruise ship.

Justin Dale Sigmon Cruise Video
Justin Dale Sigmon Cruise Video

Justin Dale Sigmon GoFundMe

However, a GoFundMe fundraiser has been launched by Justin’s family claiming that he has been framed wrongly. The campaign also claims that Justin Sigmon is an honest “Christian” and that he didn’t do anything wrong with the girl.

The fundraiser has raised more than $9,000 so far. Some supporters of the accused have also appeared online while the majority of the people want him to be punished strictly. We will keep you posted with further developments on this story.

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