Fantana confirms arrest in US; tells story behind theft arrest

Francine Koffi aka Fantana, the new Afropop artists signed by Bullet of Rufftown records has finally confirmed that she was charged in the US, as reported earlier.

According to Fantana, she was indeed arrested and charged with Grand theft but she never stole anything as it has been reported.

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Fantana claims, she took the roommate’s bracelet and threw it into the garbage during a fight.

This, she revealed, got the roommate very offended and so called in the police on her.

Instead of telling the police what really happened, Fantana claims her roommate lied that she stole her bracelet.

She narrated further that due to the value of the bracelet she destroyed being $300, she had to be charged with Grand Theft under the laws of Florida.

She added that the case was settled when she paid her roommate back for the destroyed bracelet.

She, however, admitted during the interview that the incident has really thought her a lesson and she has now moved past it.

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