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Eunice Newton Foote Death: When did Eunice Newton Foote die?

Eunice Newton Foote biography

Eunice Newton Foote cause of death – Eunice Newton Foote was an influential American scientist, inventor, as well as advocate for women’s rights.

Eunice Newton Foote

She is renowned for being the first scientist to recognize that certain gases, when exposed to sunlight, have the ability to warm the atmosphere.

Foote’s groundbreaking research predicted the impact of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels on climate, which is now known as the Greenhouse effect.

Born in Connecticut and raised in New York, Foote grew up in a time marked by significant social and political movements, including the abolition of slavery, women’s rights, and anti-alcohol activism.

Eunice Newton Foote

She received her education at the Troy Female Seminary and the Rensselaer School, where she gained a comprehensive understanding of scientific theory and practice.

She played a significant role in the women’s rights movement and was a signatory of the Declaration of Sentiments. Foote also co-edited the proceedings of the historic 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, the first convention dedicated solely to women’s rights.

In 1856, Foote published a remarkable paper that showcased the absorption of heat by CO2 and water vapor, proposing that changes in atmospheric CO2 levels would influence climate.

This publication, which appeared in a scientific journal, marked the first known instance of an American woman publishing a paper on physics. She followed up with another paper in 1857, exploring static electricity in atmospheric gases. Foote was also granted patents for several of her inventions.

Unfortunately, Eunice Newton Foote’s contributions remained unknown for nearly a century until they were rediscovered by female academics in the 20th century. In recent years, her work has gained renewed attention, especially as it predates similar discoveries made by John Tyndall, who is widely recognized for his experimental demonstration of the greenhouse effect involving infrared radiation.

Eunice Newton Foote

Modern scientists have examined Foote’s work and confirmed that she discovered the heat-absorbing properties of water vapor and CO2 three years before Tyndall published his findings in 1859.

In recognition of her significant scientific research, the American Geophysical Union established The Eunice Newton Foote Medal for Earth-Life Science in her honor to acknowledge exceptional achievements in research that focuses on the intersection of Earth and life science.

Eunice Newton Foote’s contributions were celebrated in various events and media. In 2018, a symposium titled “Science Knows No Gender: In Search of Eunice Foote Who 162 Years Ago Discovered the Principal Cause of Global Warming” was held at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A short film called “Eunice” was produced in 2018, exploring Foote’s life, and Cornell University Press released a textbook reaffirming Foote’s precedence over Tyndall’s work.

Today, Foote’s work is recognized as the earliest scientific research to demonstrate the existence of greenhouse gases and their potential to impact climate change. Her publications in scientific journals are acknowledged as groundbreaking achievements by an American woman in the field of physics.

Eunice Newton Foote cause of death

Her cause of death is not publicly known.

Eunice Newton Foote Death

When Did Eunice Newton Foote Die?

She reportedly died in September 1888, and her death occurred in Lenox, Massachusetts.

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