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Donnie Baker Children – Who were Donnie Baker Children?

Donnie Baker Cause of Death – Donnie Baker, a beloved fictional character portrayed by comedian Ron Sexton, is a prominent fixture on the syndicated US radio program “The Bob & Tom Show.”

The show was founded by Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold on March 7, 1983, at radio station WFBQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has been nationally syndicated since January 6, 1995.

Donnie Baker

Donnie Baker, brilliantly portrayed by Ron Sexton, is a recurring character on the show known for his authentic redneck accent and topical calls. He shares humorous anecdotes involving a close friend’s semi-relevant experiences, typically delivering them with a punchline.

One of Donnie’s ongoing storylines revolves around his constant attempt to sell a boat, which has resulted in a hilarious feud with his unseen “neighbor to the north,” Tony Mitchell.

Donnie Baker

According to Donnie, the rivalry with the Mitchells goes back to the days when his favorite baseball player, Eric Davis, ruled the outfield at Riverfront Stadium.

Donnie and “Two Ton Tony” regularly exchange insults and threats, often directed at each other’s spouses, with Donnie claiming that the Mitchells have been his sworn enemies.

Despite Donnie’s claims of studying “Discount Karate” and being on probation, he has not engaged in a physical confrontation with Mitchell due to wearing an ankle monitor.

He often receives friendly admonitions or interruptions from Randy, his work supervisor (voiced by Matt Thompson), leading Donnie to respond with his signature phrase, “Shut up Randy!”

Donnie Baker

Donnie’s popularity soared in 2015 when a video of him passionately recounting a story about Mitchell’s boat getting impounded by the homeowners association went viral. In the video, Donnie refers to Mitchell’s wife as a “sea cow” and declares “This is war, Mitchell!”

Apart from his calls to the radio show, Donnie also appears with his band as “Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols.”

Additionally, he has had on-and-off romantic relationships with women named Patty Ferguson and Angel Skinner, humorously adding an “s” to the end of their last names when referring to them.

Donnie’s calls on “The Bob & Tom Show” typically end with him abruptly stating, “…I gotta go.” His humor, unique accent, and memorable catchphrases have endeared him to fans, making him an internet sensation and a beloved character on the radio program.

Donnie Baker Age

At the time of his death, he was 52 years old.

Donnie Baker Children

Who were Donnie Baker Children?

The exact number of children that Donnie Baker has is not known, however, in the post that was made to announce his death, some four names were mentioned and the post suggested that they were his children. Their names are Tracey Baker, Eric Baker, Abigail Baker, Alex Baker, and Aliah Baker.

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