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Cat In Blender Video: Man arrested after distressing video clip surfaced online

Cat in blender video man arrest — A disturbing and distressing video clip featuring a cat being put in a blender and then getting microwaved is going viral on Twitter .

The viral cat in a blender clip is making rounds on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms as people try to spread awareness against animal cruelty.

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Cat in blender video

Cat in Blender Video Goes Viral on Twitter: What is it?

The extremely disturbing video that Twitter users are talking about features a live cat being killed by putting it inside a blender and then the person takes it out and microwaves the remains.

The clip is highly gore in nature and promotes animal cruelty.

Internet users are expressing their sadness over the extremely cruel act while others are warning others to not watch the clip if it accidentally appears on their timeline.

It’s really sad how a person can go down to such heinous crimes against defenseless innocent beings.

Cat in blender video
Cat in blender video goes viral

Calls for restriction on social media after cat in blender video went viral

When clips like the cat in the blender go viral, it’s likely that someone else will do something similar.

Platforms like Twitter should also be tougher on people who make or share violent or cruel videos, especially ones that show animals being hurt or people hurting other people.

If you see content that hurts animals or people, you can always use the “Report” button on whatever site you’re on. So, moderators will know that a video might have sensitive content, and they can take action against the person.

Animal welfare groups have also asked for stricter rules and punishments for people who hurt animals in this way. The story of the cat in the blender has brought up the issue of animal welfare and the need for better ways to stop animal abuse again.

Cat in blender video
Cat in blender video twitter

Cat in blender arrest

According to latest video making rounds online, the person who committed the crime is of Asian descent. Police identified the person using the blender as Chinese. So police arrested the Man Puts cat in Blender suspect from China shortly after doing this.

Animal Cruelty has been on the rise lately

This isn’t the first time a defenseless animal has been tortured to death and the footage of the saddening act was posted online. Recently, some mindless internet users were involved in such incidents and shared videos online on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, etc for some views.

It’s high time that social media platforms and nations take strict actions against such people and do something to save innocent animals. If you know or find someone around you torturing any animal, please report him or her to the respective authorities.

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