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Stop calling me Obengfo’s ambassador – Actress Nana Frema warned

Ghanaian songstress and actress, Nana Frema Koranteng is not happy with the way Ghanaians refers to her as Dr Obengfo’s girl.

Nana Frema, is one of the few Ghanaian female celebrities who have admitted publicly to have undergone body surgery to gain a curvy shape.

Some people have however condemned and bash her for undergoing liposuction to develop a curvaceous body.

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The actress recently took to her Instagram page to complain bitterly about how some people have been calling her names.

According to the beautiful actress her name is Rosette Nana Frema Ansah Koranteng Dufie and Not Obengfo’s girl, Obengfo’s patients or Obengfo ambassador.

Nana Frema Koranteng

Good morning !
I humbly request your attention
Anyone who really knows me know how reserved I am and how I don’t like to address issues even if it burns inside but this has been going on far too long

1* My Name is Rosette Nana Frema Ansah Koranteng Dufie and Not Obengfo’s girl, Obengfo’s patients or Obengfo ambassador

2* I admit This whole obengfo’s issue made some people hear of me for the first time but definitely didn’t put no shine on me.on the contrary people got interested in the whole case because I added my voice to it.

Why? Because I was already known in the industry before this whole surgery thing, I am not super famous or what so ever but I had my crowd and that is why bloggers , presenters etc were interested in my story To think of it I am not the only person who came out to admit I have undergone his procedure , after me , 1 or 2 other women came out in his defense too but ask yourselves why they aren’t known or being talked about , why aren’t they been called for interviews? Why are people not interested in what they say since we’re all “Obengfo’s customers” why is my case different? Because I had my craft and I had been Nana Frema way before .think about it .

if I wasn’t already recognised to a certain level trust me ,no blogger ,TV/radio host, presenter etc would be interested in my story SO WHY THE CHANGE OF NAME?
is so Hard to address me by my name now? Why Obengfo’s girl? Why Obengfo’s patient? Why Obengfo’s client.

I don’t have a name anymore ? How can the media be so cruel at times ,Why? This is really heartbreaking but yea people will do anything to sell their stories at the expense of someone else’s happiness

I really take full blame for everything coz I put myself in this situation.
With all due respect to all media person out there if you respect me enough to bring me on your show as a live singer and actor who has probably had plastic surgery and you tell me “Nana come let’s talk about you, your music and what u do and we will touch on

surgery but it isn’t the main focus and I get there and that’s the only Questions I am being asked” pls respect me enough to at least address me by my name.its a humble Plea thank you
she wrote :

See screenshots below :

Nana frema koranteng

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