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Drama ensues as thief forced to sell stolen goods at market [Video]

In a startling display of vigilante justice, a suspected thief found himself at the center of a dramatic spectacle in a bustling market square.

Eyewitnesses recounted a scene where the alleged perpetrator was apprehended and then subjected to a unique form of punishment.

The incident unfolded when the accused thief was forced to carry the stolen yams in a headpan, tightly bound with a rope.

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Amidst a growing crowd, he was paraded through the market, tasked with selling the pilfered produce under the watchful eyes of those who had gathered.

According to reports, the instructions were clear: the proceeds from the sales were to be returned directly to the rightful owner, aiming to compensate for the loss incurred.

This unconventional punishment not only sought to shame the perpetrator publicly but also served as a means of immediate restitution for the aggrieved vendor.

The incident attracted a significant crowd, with onlookers watching as the suspected thief navigated the market, attempting to sell the yams that had become both a burden and a symbol of his transgression.

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As the video of the incident circulated online, reactions varied, with some applauding the swift action taken by the affected community members, while others debated the ethics of such public punishments.

Watch video below:

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