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Who was Bronson Battersby’s father? All about Kenneth Battersby

The news of Bronson Battersby’s death broke hearts across the UK after it was reported that the toddler had died in January 2024.

Bronson, who was just two years old when he passed away, was found curled up at the legs of his father by social services after his father’s death left him alone for nearly 14 days.

Bronson Battersby cause of death
Bronson Battersby was tragically found curled up dead next to his dad Kenneth

Who was Bronson Battersby?

Bronson Battersby was the son of Sarah Piesse and Kenneth Battersby. He tragically died in January 2024 when he was just two years old.

After his death, Bronson was described by a family friend as a “loving, adorable little boy.” They said: “He was just gorgeous. He was always smiling and so loving.

“He always wanted a cuddle. He was like any toddler. He loved anything that made a noise.” The friend, speaking to The Sun, added that Bronson loved cartoons on YouTube channel Cocomelon.

He could also often be found playing his Little Tykes drum kit and loved nursery rhymes. Bronson was classified as vulnerable by social services, which meant he received weekly visits.

Bronson Battersby
The tragic little boy, 2, pictured with father Kenneth, who died of a heart attack soon after Boxing DayCredit: Facebook

Who was Kenneth Battersby?

Kenneth Battersby was the father of Bronson.

He died of a heart attack shortly after Boxing Day 2023 but was not found until almost a fortnight later.

Kenneth, who was 60 when he passed away, is said to have suffered from a pre-existing heart condition.

He had reportedly become severely jaundiced in the months before his death.

A friend told The Sun that Kenneth loved Bronson “more than anything.”

They said: “They were like two peas in a pod. He would have done anything for him.

“They were everything to one another.”

Bronson Battersby
Bronson Battersby tragically died when he was just two years oldCredit: Facebook

What happened to Bronson Battersby?

The Sun reported that Bronson Battersby was tragically found curled up dead next to his dad Kenneth. They were found two weeks after they were last seen, his devastated family have reportedly said.

A social worker came to the rented property on January 2 for a routine visit but there was no answer at the door, so she contacted the police and knocked on other doors.

She returned two days later but there was still no response and she contacted police again.

It took another five days before she finally arranged to get a key from the landlord to check on the pair herself.

When she got inside the property in Skegness, Lincolnshire, on January 9, both Kenneth and Bronson, who were considered vulnerable and being visited weekly, were dead.

Initial post-mortem results show that Bronson died from dehydration and starvation, while Kenneth died of a heart attack.

It was also reported that the family’s pet dog, Skylar, survived at the home in Skegness.

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