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Hilaria Baldwin is shamelessly mocked after bizarre workout video [Watch]

Hilaria Baldwin workout video —

Hilaria Baldwin has been hilariously mocked after she shared a quirky workout video with moves that viewers have compared to those of a ‘horny teenager.’

The 39-year-old socialite and wife of Alec Baldwin – who has recently come under fire for branding a server a ‘peasant’ – has become a target for much online mockery yet again after sharing a ‘mess’ of a workout video to Instagram that caused her to be branded an ‘idiot.’

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Hilaria Baldwin workout video

Although Hilaria limited the comments on her post, comedian Celeste Barber, 41, gave fans a chance to poke fun at the yoga instructor after she recreated the moves in a video shared on Instagram.

Celeste Barber put her own spin on Hilaria’s workout clip, comparing the exercise to something ‘horny teenagers’ would do.

In the comedian’s clip, Celeste Barber joked the exercises were similar to ‘humping.’

In the original clip, Hilaria Baldwin is seen performing ‘pelvic’ exercises.

She captioned the video: ‘I have been having some lower back stuff since the baby was born, so I’m really trying to improve my core strength. Especially after having so many children, I really have to focus on my internal muscles.

Hilaria Baldwin workout
Hilaria Baldwin workout

‘True strength is not often visible and this is why we need to go inside with our awareness and feeling. While doing all of these, I’m focusing on activating my pelvic floor and initiating each movement from inside, rather than relying on my limbs to drive me thru (think sensation of trying not to pee, to put it plainly—kegels).

‘Anyway, missed sharing my workouts with you and for those who come up to me on the street and I have the pleasure to meet in person, you are always asking me where my Instagram workouts went. Here they are.’

Celeste Barber Hilaria Baldwin workout video

And while she limited the comments on her video – seemingly to avoid getting any hate – social media users were able to jump over to Celeste’s video to share their thoughts.

Viewers rushed to the comments section to praise the comedian for recreating the ‘mess’ that was Hilaria’s video.

One person said: ‘I was so hoping you’d cover this mess.’

Another person commented: ‘The awkward eye contact while humping!’

‘Omg! You just made my day, Celeste!’ said another user.

‘I am dead, the facial expressions with it,’ said someone else.

Another user joked: ‘Goodness! You will make Hilaria break out her fake Spanish-ness again with this shenanigans.’

‘Dear god I just peed my pants!’ commented one person.

‘Omg. Tears in my eyes,’ added another user.

Someone else wrote: ‘I think I died for second there!! So hilarious.’

Others just commented the laughing emoji.

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin

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