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Missing Long Boi Duck Died: Know everything about Incident

Long Boi, the famous Indian Runner duck of the University of York, has been announced died, after remaining missing for about two months.

Since the news of the 7-year-old duck, Long Boi, got public, netizens have been paying their condolences across social platforms.

Are you interested in learning more about Long Boi? If yes, keep reading this article, as it contains all necessary information about the viral Indian Runner duck, Long Boi!

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Long Boi Duck

Who was Long Boi? Know everything about the viral duck

University of York Indian Runner duck, known as Loňg Boi, first spotted on Campus West of the University of York, England, in 2018, came to fame after featuring on James Corden’s US talk show and Greg James’s show on BBC Radio 1.

The story of this duck began in 2014 when he and his siblings hatched on a nearby farm. Following which, the University adopted him, and he immediately became an integral part of the campus community.

Dr. Sally Thomas helped him adjust to his new home, gave him the love he deserved, and was frequently seen walking with him.

Long Boi was an abnormally tall Indian Runner male duck that became a star on social media due to its height. With a height of about 70 cm and a slender physique, Long Boi was a huge attraction for people, as they used to visit York University just to behold the sight of him.

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Long Boi Duck

How did Long Boi Die? What happened to him?

According to reports, Long Boi, the Duck from York University, had not been seen on the university campus for almost two months. Due to the lack of sightings, “we are forced to conclude that he has passed away,” a University of York spokesperson announced recently.

While confirming the news of Loňg Boi’s unfortunate passing, the spokesperson said, “We appreciate this is not the resolution people were wishing for, but hope that acknowledging his passing allows us to focus on celebrating his life and commemorating his time with us.”
The University of York issues a statement over Long Boi’s death

In an official statement over Long Boi’s death, the university said, “During his time on campus, Long Boi brought joy to staff, students, alumni, and visitors. Our beautiful campus and wonderful grounds team provided a rich life for him during the four years he lived with us.

We remain grateful for the incredible community of fans who have given their time, energy, and skills to celebrating Loňg Boi and the abundance of wildlife found here on campus.”

“The university has encouraged people not to leave flowers but instead do something for the local environment, such as feeding local pond ducks or making a charitable donation in Loňg Boi’s memory,” the statement concluded.

We hope that this article was able to give you all the necessary information about Duck Loɲg Boi’s death.

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