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Mary : Lady in tears for losing job opportunity after replying rudely to company message

A lady called Mary is trending on social messaging platform Twitter for rudely replying a message sent her on Whatsapp concerning a job she had applied for.

Mary was so quick to question how the person got her contact and described the act as ‘nonsense’ only for her to later realize she was been reached out by the manager of the company she has applied for employment.

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Per the conversation shared on social media, Mary first questioned Emmanuel (the manager) when he sent her a simple ‘hi.’ She asked where the man got her number from.

Emmanuel then replied by saying: “Calm down and hear me out.”

Mary who was out of courtesy replied sharply by saying: “What nonsense, don’t tell me to calm down. Who is this.”

Thereafter, she realized she was been reached out by the company she has applied to for employment after Emmanuel introduced himself properly but the chance has already been ruined.

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Mary was told that she has lost the job opportunity because of her bad manners. She pleaded and begged for her indiscretion but the chance was far blown away.



This has been received with mixed reactions. While some blame the lady for been rude and exercising poor social media etiquette, others are accusing the manager (Emmanuel) for reaching out to Mary without first introducing himself.

Below are some of the divergent views:

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