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Man seen at a high rise flat after he was caught ‘eating’ someone’s wife [Watch]

Many marriages are consummated based on love and trust and the parties to it are expected to hold these values till death do them part.

However, many things in the society has shown that these married couples are not always faithful to their partners.

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Just recently, a video made the rounds on social media, showing Man at a high rise flat after he was caught chewing someone’s wife

Infact, sleeping with another man’s wife, especially in his matrimonial bed, should be included among 1000 ways to die

And if you doubt this, then you should see a video of a man who attempted to jump from a high rise flat after he was caught red handed doing it with a married woman.

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According to reports, the man of the house came back home unannounced and when the guy noticed that he was about to be caught red handed chewing the forbibben fruit, he ran for his dear life by attempting to jump from a high rise building.

Watch the video below :

Meanwhile, A man was subjected to reproachful assault after being caught red-handed trying to sleep with his boss’ wife.

The man in the orange shirt, is said to be the one who cottoned on to the adulterous affair between the two and blew the whistle.

During the assault, some of the men could be heard reproaching the man for abusing the trust his friend and boss had for him.

It was further learnt that the husband of the cheating wife wants her back despite the affair… Watch video here

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