Man who cried in viral video after listening to call between his girl & friend goes “nuts” in new video

Bro Kofi, a gentleman in Ghana who has been brokenhearted after listening to a phone call between his girlfriend and his close friend has literally gone ‘nuts’ in a new video.

Some days ago a video emerged on the internet which involves a Ghanaian young man weeping like a day-old baby after listening to a conversation that ensued between his girlfriend and his best friend.

Many boys are told while growing up to man up as they must not be seen crying, but some heartbreaking circumstances make them ignore all advice and give in to their human nature to cry

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In the new development sighted by us on the official Facebook handle of OMGVoice, Kofi was seen moving many items out of his room in anger.

All attempts by locals to calm him down proved futile as he was not ready to hear any of what they had to tell him.

Watch the video below:

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