10YearsChallenge: Young lady shows off her amazing backside transformation (photos)

Considering how many people participate in posting Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday photos, you’d think all of our friends and followers would know what we used to look like by now.

But in the last few days, something set off a chain reaction on social media that has compelled people to share photos of themselves now, side-by-side with ones of themselves from a decade ago. And it’s weirdly fascinating.

On Instagram, the trend is going by a lot of hashtags, the most popular being #10yearchallenge and #howhardhasaginghityouchallenge — kind of harsh, but in a charming, self-deprecating kind of way, I guess.

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The older photo is typically a shot from somewhere between 2007 and 2009, depending on what the user can find; the more recent one is a 2018 or 2019 shot to show if not how hard aging has hit them, then to show just how much — or how little — they’ve changed in other ways over the last 10 years or so.

A user on the social media platform identified as Spiritual Trap Goddess(@TheDjLavish) joined the major throwback challenge as she took to her page to share photos of herself.

The picture has, however, gotten the attention of many of her followers as the evident backside transformation of the young lady is hard to ignore.

She tweeted saying: “ Naw but for real. 10 year difference” In a comment under her tweet, the young lady was surprised to find out that her tweet had gotten to. She jokingly asked under the thread to help her find an African prince.

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