Magraheb reveals how alleged “madman” Evangelist Addai dies slowly (video)


A host of Magraheb TV, Francis K Oppong has descended on alleged Madman Evangelist Addai for cursing himself

‘Evangelist’ Addai alleged that Kofi Adoma had killed three persons including Ama Martha Appiah whom Kofi had interviewed in quest to get her a new life.

Evangelist Addai has been accusing the Innocent Kofi Adoma for Ama Martha’s death claiming he had used her for a ritual to win an award USA; 3G Awards.

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Addai then invoked a curse over Martha’s death calling the gods of all Ghana’s water bodies to strike Kofi Adoma’s dead in 24hrs if he had a hand in Martha’s death, if not He(Addai) should rather die.

The host Magraheb TV revealed the real secret of how the Evangelist Addai dies slowly on his Pae Mu Ka show on Magraheb TV

Watch Video:

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