Wendy Shay under attack again for going ‘bra-less’

Wendy Shay has come under attack again, and this time, it’s because she dared to flaunt her near-flat boobs in a photo circulating on social media.

In this snapshot, Miss Shay is seen posing with DJ Adviser of Happy FM in Accra with her teats clearing showing through her dress.

Wendy Shay

DJ Adviser who is known to help promote GH music is rumoured to have said: “this new Wendy Shay tune has made ‘me ko ti asore’”.

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But it appears the picture of the ”Uber Driver” hitmaker has angered social media users who have blasted her for her blatant disregard for modesty in recent times.

“Is her bra on strike?” is one of the numerous comments that greets followers of RuffTown records signee Wendy Shay when they visit her Instagram page.

Other comments sought to question why the fast-rising musician would flaunt her droopy “twin girls” knowing that she could save herself all the stress by simply wearing a bra.

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Few months ago, she suffered a fashion ‘faux pas’ after her micro-short dress exposed her backside while performing on stage.

She, however, challenged the viral photo claiming that the picture was photoshopped to humiliate her.

Well, it appears fans are not cool with her repeated series of exposures but will defiant Wendy heed to their advice?

See post below.

Wendy Shay

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