Big men, pastors and ritualists pester me to sell human parts to them – Mortuary man


A mortuary man in Accra has revealed that he is usually pestered by supposed men of God and ritualists to sell them human parts.

Abdul, which is his pseudo name, said he works with one of the premier hospitals in Accra and has often encountered such people.

Having worked as a mortuary man for over a decade, he said the people who normally approach him for human parts are pastors and some big men in society.

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He narrated that people of good standing in society continue to pester him to sell human parts to them with mouth-watering offers just to help them perform certain rituals.

He said although he doesn’t give in, most of these ritualists continue to pester him with the promise of offering him huge amounts of money.

“A lot of them come but I don’t give them. The ritualists and people you least expect all come around but I am afraid they will land me in trouble so I don’t give in to their demands,” Abdul is quoted as saying by

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“Even some time pastors do come but I stand my grounds and refuse irrespective of the amount they offer.

I have seen a lot of dead bodies in this world and what I can advise is that human beings should be submissive.

The arrogant ones should bear in mind that life is not all about that. I honestly pity such persons”, he added.

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