Moesha Boduong grabs a luxurious Range Rover evoque (video)


Yes for Moesha , it’s all about the body. However, Moesha is in the news for a different reason this time.

Today, it’s all about her new car, the Ghanaian social media actress, Moesha Bodoung has flaunted her newly bought Range Rover evoque.

Well, you may argue that you don’t see her in movies, so where’s she making all of the money from to live such luxurious lifestyle.

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Moesh Boudong once mentioned in an interview that she does not date broke men, and when she realizes you can’t meet her needs, she abandons you and moves on to the next person who is ready to take care of her the way she wants.

So, if you are wondering how she made the money, well, perhaps one of her rich boyfriends gave her the money or bought her the car.

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In a video circulating on social media, the “actress” is seen cruising her new “baby”.

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