Ambitious lady who lost father at young age becomes a pilot

Sive Mfenyana a young woman from the Eastern Cape is living her dream as a pilot despite growing up in a single parent household.

Sive Mfenyana shared her inspiring story on South African Civil Aviation Authority’s Facebook page recently, Atinka News gathered.

Sive Mfenyana

Describing herself as an “ambitious Xhosa girl,” Sive said she lost her dad at a young age. Her mom, therefore, she was raised by her mum as a single parent.

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Her interest in flying was sparked by a simple question she had as a child, “Who gets to keep these big machines in the sky and why can’t I?” This curiosity grew into a steely determination to achieve her dream.

Now that she’s living it, Sive is keen to use her career to open up more opportunities for future generations.

Sive Mfenyana

She said being a pilot is both challenging and fulfilling, but the journey is definitely worth it. Sive explained what inspires and drives her:

“The tiny possibility of me being able to change the landslide of aviation in this country, and the thought of the trickle on effect that my success in this industry, could have on other generations, other families and ultimately resulting in a dignified and economically free black society.”

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