Two slay queens fighting over boyfriend goes viral (video)


Most women tend to protect their relationships with everything they have especially when they really love a man.

Which is why it easier for women to continue being with a man who cheated on her compared to men. Cat fights are sometimes inevitable

A new video making rounds on Social media sees two slay queens , reported to be Nigerians fighting fighting in a car all because of a man.

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From the background conversation, it was discovered that one of the girls is named Juilet and she was almost unclad, dealing punches to her enemy while asking if she was in her right senses.

We don’t know what this man the women are fighting over has, that they chose to embarrass themselves like this in public.

The man they were fighting over was no where to be found , however the ladies seemed ready to fight till one of them gives up and resolves to stay away from the man.

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Watch the video:

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