It’s sad how Ghanaians work had only to tarnish your image – Fella Makafui cries


Perhaps Fella Makafui is the most talked-about young female actress in Ghana now.

Fella Makafui

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui has poured her heart out to Ghanaians who are constantly on her case.

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According to her, it’s a shame that people who do not even know her full name are the ones destroying her name and talking ill about her.

She indicated that there is the need for Ghanaians to desist from pulling down people who are making strides just because of jealousy.

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Fella Makafui took to her Instagram account made these known.

Read her post below:

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Looks like we find joy in tarnishing people’s image , dragging them into unnecessary issues,creating enemies between people and dem negative vibes !!! I have been silent for quite long… Its sad ..really sad how low some mentality is go on these foreign models,actors and musicians pages to complement them and you condemn your own !! Yet i hear people say “SUPPORT YOUR OWN” .. You have dragged my name in the mud for long ..leave me out of your mouths for once !! I am not your problem!! I realized the problem wrong with 90% is HYPOCRISY .. You sit in your homes to condemn someone who is doing something for her life ?? Really ?? I understand i’m a threat to some but come on ,there is no competition here !! I have always been in my lane ,minding my business!!! I dont understand why you will tell me to keep my Business private!! How ?? Even Rihanna,nicki and all them you hail promote their businesses !! You telling me to hide my business under my pillow ?? Its my sweat and i cant follow your rules .. maybe when set up your own,keep it to yourself and your families!! I dont know why when others do it ,its fine but the moment “FELLA” does it ,its a crime !! Why ?? Because i’m young or what ??? Or because you think a young person doesn’t have the right to own a business or a life ?? Funny how these people dont see when you hustle,just the moment you want to live your life ,they start calculating your life !! Its sad !! These mentality will not take us anywhere !! You guys spread false news even faster than good news .. My foundation has done several donations and amazing initiatives and i dont see anyone talking about it .. But let a rumor about fella comes .. you see them carrying it left and right !! Just recently myself and my management set up an entrepreneurship fan club to motivate the youths .. On that very day during the question and answer time , one lady asked how i communicate with God anytime something is not working for me which i answered honestly.. and i’m very sure its not new to 99% but hypocrisy wont let us be !! Those who didn’t even know about the beginning of the story to the end were the ones spreading just that part !! How ??

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