BEEF ALERT: Afia Schwarzenegger Needs Somebody To Put Sense Into Her Head, Baby Blanche Fires Shot (VIDEO)

Afia Schwarzenegger Needs Somebody To Put Sense Into Her Head, She Wished NAM1 Was In Her Family


After staying mute for the past weeks since Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah brouhaha started, actress and movie producer Baby Blanche has finally spoken on the saga.

Baby Blanche Baby Blanche

The “Girls Girls with B.B” TV show host in her first comments about the issue has gone to the defense of the millionaire who has been attacked by many Ghanaians including TV and radio presenter Afia Schwarzenegger.

Blanche who seemed not happy about allegations Schwarzenegger made against Mr. Appiah Mensah in a live Instagram session monitored by made it known that the comedienne needs to be put in check because she is going wayward.

To her, the controversial media personality has been tarnishing the image of many respectable personalities in the country all with the excuse of “it is my brand” but she believes it is time people stand against her actions because it will not help the country.

Baby Blanche
Afia Schwarzenegger

Baby Blanche said she did not want to reply Afia Schwarzenegger following her allegation against NAM 1 for the fear that people will accuse her of canvassing for unnecessary attention but she thinks it is time she speaks because “she needs somebody to put some sense into her head”

“I seriously did not want to reply Afia Schwarzenegger but I later said naaa because people will say that I want attention and all that and this time I’m trying so hard to stay away from controversies but I think she needed somebody to put some sense into her head because even if the man in question is a supposed fraudulent man, that is why we have laws in Ghana to handle it.

What the nerves do you have to insult somebody’s father, brother. Regarless of what people think of who he is, at leats he has fed and helped people so why don’t you let the laws handle it and you just open your mouth just because you feel that is your brand. Yes that can be your brand but you really need to think twice about certain things. We don’t solve problems with insults and rudeness.

Even if he was a thief and he was in your family with that sense to defraud people, you would have been proud. Even though he is not in your famil, he has bee able to convience your family member to invest in his company. So by insulting which among the two is a fool, is it your family member he was able to convience or NAM1? Blanche said.

Afia Schwarzenegger was reported to have sent a strong warning to NAM1 for allegedly duping her mother over the Menzgold saga.