Chinese man caught open defecating in a beautiful garden in Ghana


Wonders shall never end. It appears Ghana has become a country where anybody including even foreigners can do anything that they want without repercussions.

Now they are no more selling waakye or engaging in “galamsey” but instead openly disregarding our laws.

The latest slap to our faces is a video of a Chinese man openly emptying his bowls into a shrub. The man who recorded the incident is heard asking him if this is what he does in his country. But all the Chinese man could mutter repeatedly was sorry.

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Although the video may come off as a bit funny, there are serious issues undertone that needs to be addressed. For the past few years, the country has seen an influx of Chinese nationalities.

This isn’t such terrible news considering the partnership in several developmental projects between these two countries. But there seems to be heightened lawlessness on their part. As they continued to mistreat the indigenes and disregard our laws.

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